July 2, 2010

Day 364-Single White Female

I'm already counting down. I wish I could say the first day was a breeze, but rather, it started with one of the nervous tummy aches I've gotten since I was a kid, which was not helped by the meatball sub I therapeutically treated myself to for lunch. What have I gotten myself into? I've already found that unlike Lent, where you get a big binge before making your 40 day sacrifice, this social experiment lacked the love fest needed to tide me over until next June.

Even though I was a little dapper about my decision during the morning, I have to give a big thanks to those who wrote encouraging comments on yesterday's post or via facebook-thanks for being such great cheerleaders! I am going to need you along the way but will try to keep this blog classy (not crazy) and entertaining, in its brutal honesty at least. Blogging can be extremely self-indulgent so feel free to chime in when you want, especially if you disagree. A few of the males that I've heard from are being a bit more discreet, at least until this outlet gets a little less girly. But for now, I'm feeling girly, so at the risk of losing your clickthroughs, I'm staying the course. Because trying to please an audience other than myself would totally defeat the purpose of these posts; I'd still be trying to be the pleaser in a relationship. Yes, I'm already starting to learn from this process!

So despite being super nervous all day about this somewhat scary endeavor, I was quickly reminded of said purpose when I corresponded with a friend I hadn't seen in ages. The conversation seemed pretty routine: Do you like NYC? Where are you working? And then:

"So are you planning to get married anytime soon bc I know all yall's friends seem to be getting married."

Now this is a perfectly nice guy. And for many, an innocent question. But that question, ladies and gents (if there are any out there), restored my faith in what I'm doing here. I love Daily Candy Weddings and proudly subscribe despite my bare ring finger. Even more so, I love that some of my dearest of friends have found their partner in life. And while I someday want to walk down the aisle in a lacy Oscar de la Renta number, I'm not looking to change my last name right now, despite what my ex feared. So being asked the marriage question by someone other than my grandmother (who has asked me enough for a lifetime and would die if she knew I had willingly taken myself off the market) is a prime example of the single girl's dilemma. Talk about being kicked out of the moment of single and fabulousness just for a reminder that your prince is on a slow horse!

Speaking of princes: several people have informed me of the dangerous game I'm playing with karma. And as someone who belives that the universe has a sense of humor, I am totally cognizant of the fact that Prince Charming himself will fall in my lap a few months in, JUST when I start to settle back into a happy singlehood (I just hope it's a real prince like Harry). All I can say is that yes, I've thought about it. I've even worried about missing a relationship with the guy I've yet to meet. And confess, I even thought the blog might give the universe the swift kick in the butt it needed to get that guy here quicker. But for now I'm focusing on the moment, and other than that, it's anybody's guess.

I did do some "in the moment" celebrating after work. With my gracious roommate treating, I enjoyed strawberry bellinis amid the backdrop of the Empire State Building and beautiful tropical flowers at 230 Fifth. I was wary of going initially-I was still in my somewhat mom-ish work clothes, for goodness sakes! Of course, when I suddenly realized that I no longer needed to exist in such bars for the sole purpose of attracting the opposite sex, I began to really enjoy myself taking in the people watching. I did avoid all male to Liza eye contact for fear of attracting the prince on day 1. But then I remembered the night I had kissed a real Norwegian count on this very rooftop the last time I embraced life as a girl on the town. Looking back at how strong I was in my singlehood, and the great memories I have, worked even better than the liquid courage. It was the reassurance I needed from myself.

Of course, we then proceeded to S'Mac to grab some yummy macaroni and start on the 5 lbs I can afford to succumb to (no worries about impressing some guy in a swimsuit this weekend at Long Beach) and capped off the night with a viewing of Single White Female recommended by E's boss who had seen my blog earlier in the day. We were prepared for a chick flick. We got a horror story of a single white female, dressed in really bad 80's clothes, killing her roommate's boyfriend with her stilleto.

Hopefully, I can stay single and sane!

I'm off the market & in the moment!


  1. I love that I have a new blog to read (all my regulars were getting boring!)

    p.s. "Mom" clothes are totally cool! : )

  2. 230 Fifth, mac 'n' cheese, Single White Female...I'm jealous. This is totally my ideal night! Glad you're having fun :)