July 24, 2010

Day 342-Not Gonna Give Them Up

Who am I kidding? There's no way I can give them up for a whole year. I enjoy them too much. I'm not gonna give them up that easily!

Chick flicks, that is.

Relationships are one thing. I've found being off the market is quite doable so far. But not all evenings in the big city are glamorous. Or they are IF you have deep pockets. Mine are a bit shallow at the moment as I conserve funds and energy for bachelorette festivities next weekend. So without thinking of my earlier commitment, I turned on the tv and enjoyed The Holiday for the upteenth time. After the city kicked my butt with 6 miles of walking in a three-digit heat index, Jude Law is the one thing that will cure what ails me.

Yeah the movies are a bit skewed with their perfectly wrapped up endings which is why I tried to subtract them from my life. But even if they evoke crazy expectations for a perfect guy or perfect relationship, they always offer an escape that leaves me with a little dose of hope. It's a feeling, not the expectation, that I try to carry with me.

Other than walking, dancing, sweating 24/7-my own personal weekend bootcamp-the day was just a regular day. I did finally pick up laundry (score!) and caught up with two of my best friends over glasses of $6 Trader Joe's sauvignon blanc on their deck. I'm such an activities girl that while I did do/go/see quite a bit today, the day still seemed quiet, especially with just Bella (E's yorkie) and me holding down the apartment for the weekend. I think that's where I find the challenge because when I'm finally in for some quiet time, I usually get stuck in my own head a little too much. Sometimes this leads to being fabulously creative; other times, it leads to a trip down memory lane, whether I want to go there or not. I am a little unsettled by the quiet.

So even if I have to throw a few leading men in as background noise, I enjoyed being on my own for a change-I think? I'll definitely need more practice this year to better enjoy being in my own company. And while I can't walk six miles every day, a little jolt of endorphins never hurt.

I'm off the market & in the moment!

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