July 28, 2010

Day 338-The Other Harry

Most people have a hit list of people they’d want to date, do, or marry given the opportunity. Some even carry a top five freebie list into their committed relationships. You know who you are. Gisele, Audriana Lima, Bar Raefali get top billing according to many men I know (um, pattern?) while women are a bit more prone to branch out to everyone from Johnny Depp (talented, good-looking, and oozing sex-appeal), Ryan Gosling (will we ever get over The Notebook?), and Nacho Figueras (ladies are allowed our models, too).

While all of these pretty faces are well and good, I have a few others I’m holding out for. Now whether he’s your cup of tea or not, I have a crush on Prince Harry. Used to be a William fan until I realized the younger brother was the one having all the fun, and fun is what I’m ultimately after (not to mention he’s a cutie). Yes, the Nazi costume photo will follow for him forever and currently he’s off the market/in a relationship with an heiress but who knows! Until he ties the knot, every guy I date or think about dating, I weigh against becoming his princess. Sure, I get that it’s a long shot, but am is this guy really worth tossing away my chance to be HRH and have my own crown? Unfortunately, there’s only one guy I thought might be worth the sacrifice of a royal title. Let’s just say, it was a good thing I had Harry in my back pocket.

While the prince is my top guy, my top man also happens to be a Harry, in his own right. Yeah, a little weird with the name thing…Harry Connick, Jr, who I’ll be on a date with tonight at the Neil Simon Theatre. Sure, it’ll be hard to gaze into each other’s eyes from the mezzanine, row S, seat 9, but it doesn’t matter. He’s the only man I have actually SWOONED over in my life. Maybe it’s the mix of his accent, gorgeous looks, and incredible talent (both piano and vocal), but all you have to do is sit me in front of the TV when the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting is airing, and I get giggly. Goose bumps just thinking about him. And unlike other real men in my life, I don’t have to track him down when I need to see or hear from him. I can just pull him up on ITunes to get a quick fix. Needless to say, if you’re a male who is gaming for anything from me, tonight might be your best chance as my knees will still be wobbly exiting the concert. Have a crown in your back pocket, you just might convince me of your own princely qualities.

So yes, this is a shallow confession, but aren’t we gals entitled to a few after all the running around trying to compete not only with celebrity fantasies but also with Victoria’s Secret CATALOGUES? The reality is even my Harry Connick, Jr. is married to a former VS model. No bitterness… I still have a lovely evening ahead that reminds me I’ve got a lot to hold out for.

I’m off the market & in the moment!


  1. I'm with you on the Prince Harry thing. Wills had me for the first 20 years of my life, then Harry swooped in a stole the show with his dashing looks!!

  2. Yeah, I'm Team Harry. I almost signed up for a NYRR Race when I found out he was doing it while in NYC.