July 8, 2010

Night 359 and Morning 358

I only got two hours of beauty sleep (a power nap) last night, so I feel like I qualify for a combo post since one day practically flowed into the next. Big happy birthday to E! As of 2:37am this morning, she officially became a member of the "halfway to fifty" club. Welcome to the next quarter of your life!

We hit up Avenue at midnight (successfully made it past the ropes-all about the attitude, fyi), just in time to toast her properly. Since I had to be my power publicist self this morning, I couldn't afford a hangover on top of sleep-deprivation and thus, joined the 6-foot glamazons in the room drinking pseudo cocktails of mainly consisting of cranberry juice (I have now maxxed out on antioxidants for the week). Let's just say that alcohol or not, the models had nothing on the petite brunette dancing her heart out! However, a little height would have been helpful to better spot the celebrity sighting I missed:

According to People...

" It's a double date! Kim Kardashian and new beau Miles Austin hit up New York nightspot Avenue with Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar Odom. The foursome was with a large group of about 20 people, and they arrived just before 2 a.m., complete with a police escort. Kim wasn't drinking at all, though Khloe took some shots of tequila. Odom chatted with a friend all night, while Khloe and the rest of the group danced the night away."

Sounds like I was in good company-Kim was on the cranberry juice diet, tool! I wonder if she tactfully dropped the shot she didn't want on the floor like I did as well?

Of course, my kryptonite might as well be champagne so I didn't resist my share of the token bubbly being passed around or the delicious chocolate-covered strawberries. And my male fix for the night? Making friends with the teddybear of a bouncer at our table.

All in all, the birthday girl and her entourage had a blast for the night. Just a preview of the festivities that will continue through Sunday!

I'm off the market & in the moment!

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