July 30, 2011

Star Power

My 72 hours of being sad up (yes, that's the rule-72 hours to wallow and then move to the next step!), I decided to channel some star power today. As an actress and celebrity in training (gotta shoot for the...ahem...stars, people!), I often check out PEOPLE magazine and am in awe of the women who not only have to deal with the pain caused by their lying, cheating boyfriends and husbands, but they have to do it in front of the world. I joke with my best girlfriends that one day, we'll be able to recover from our broken hearts by the pool at Canyon Ranch, where we'll spend three weeks in hiding: week 1 will be spent sleeping, crying and kabashing our delicate diets and exercise routines with major comfort food; week 2 will consist of hours on the therapy couch to complain, analyze, and cry some more; and week 3 will be the overhaul where our stylists and trainers fly in to detox, whip our butts back into amazing shape and give us the magical new hairstyle and wardrobe that will make "he whose name we no longer speak of" lose sleep at night.

So until then, I'm channeling my inner Reese. Witherspoon, my go-to girl for both her talent, her Southern charm and class, has definitely been raked through the mud by "what's his name" Phillipe and had to pull herself up by her Manolos with two kids in tow. Not only that, she channeled her pain by getting into better shape-both physically and with her career-and took home an Oscar not soon after. Then there's her film alter-ego Elle Woods who took her rejection to the doorways of Harvard, and not only saved the day but landed a kind, funny and sexy partner in crime, too (I do love Luke Wilson...).

With this in mind, I took myself to Hee Soo Beauty in the East Village, a hole in the wall nail salon that is AMAZING. As in cheap ($10 manicures and $25 pedicures) with the most lovely little ladies to take care of you. Clean, personable and with the most delightful massage chairs, it was just the respite I needed to feel cool, calm and collected again. Plus, you get a free shoulder massage with any service! I went with Essie's STATUS SYMBOL which is a creamy, feisty hot pink-perfect. And yes, I pick colors based on their names and how I want to feel...

In case you were wondering about their stats, here they are. They don't have a website but you can also check out their great reviews on Yelp. It's not just me that adores this place! You must go the next time you need a pick-me-up!

Hee Soo Beauty

114 4th Avenue

(between 11th & 12th Streets)

Salvation Army is next door so this is also the perfect time to drop off clothes to make room for your upcoming closet makeover!

Next on my list. Cut and color. Ok, confession. I am BAD about spending money on myself. Or rather, when I do, it goes towards classes and headshots rather than clothes and personal care. So with my long locks, I tend to skip expensive salons in favor of good old Supercuts. I told you this was a confession! But actually, the one on St. Mark's does a pretty good job in case you need a quick and cheap trim...

But I'm splurging on myself a bit. I've been so good about saving the past few months but now I need this TLC, a power boost to get me ready for the week of auditions, rehearsal and oh yeah-that amazing trip abroad where I'm just positive an Irish lad is waiting for me. I was going to go for the out-of-the-box color, but I keep wavering so time to head to the pros at Salon NK. Gilt City NYC has a great deal for single process color in case you, too, are ready for a new look. While still undecided if I'm going to go for a more dramatic deep brunette or more auburn (I'm headed to see my Irish roots after all!), I'm sure I'm in good hands with Nerik's knowledgeable staff.

Now I just need to find the time for an appointment. Thankfully, the paparazzi aren't yet banging down my door, so I have a little leeway. I think post-show is the way to go...with all the curling for the production, my hair will need some extra care in two weeks. So whether you had the spa money in hand or only $10 singles to spare, it's amazing how some personal fluffing and taking care of yourself can make you feel a new sense of personal power.

I'm On the Market & In the Moment!

July 6, 2011

ON THE MARKET-and now freaked out

Ok guys-back ON the market again...time to re-design the blog AND my way of thinking.

So I've taken the plunge and just signed up for Match.com to take a gander and practice dating again.

And now I'm sufficiently freaked out! What happened to the days when you could just meet someone through your grandmother's neighbor's friend?!?!

But I'm doing this for your entertainment, blog-gotta have something to write about!

And so it begins....

But before that, I just wanted send a huge thanks to my incredible support network that has pulled me through the last year and all of its many ups and downs. Through the cards and words of encouragement, the opportunity to write and express myself, I am incredibly blessed to have such a rock solid foundation of family and friends. Off the Market love to you all!

Or rather, On the Market love. It's a new year after all!