July 26, 2010

Day 340-Bachelorette Potential?

Judging from yesterday's post, I've got a long way to go this year before I start considering marriage. Kinda crazy since two years ago, I thought I was headed down the aisle (the anniversary weekend instead culminated in a breakup that surprise! took me more than a year to get over).

Yet this season of the Bachelorette has totally reeled me in. Cute guys, traveling around the world, a stylist-the show, albeit a little crazy, seems like a wonderful send-off down the aisle.

Sure you've got your eccentric personalities, but overall, it looks like a whole lot of fun, especially some of the behind the scenes which didn't make the cut. And frankly, I think that the ABC producers might be better at vetting eligible males than I'm prone to be. Not to mention, they are all actually wanting to be in a relationship (hypothetically).

I had considered auditioning earlier in the summer, pre-blog, while they were casting in NYC. Of course, I chickened out even though it was only a few blocks away. Not that I don't have enough of the drama factor to share on the small screen. And as bachelorettes go, girl next door looks? Check. Unlucky in love? Check. Now I just need to get my heart broken by The Bachelor to secure the spot. Probably need to work on that wall some more though before throwing 20 other girls and cameras in the mix.

Yet, I'm thinking that auditioning next spring might be the perfectly wacky conclusion to the blog. Going from off the market to the ultimate bachelorette experience spiced with reality tv. Of course, I'm hoping for a more solid sense of self and all that jazz, but why not throw in a little fun as well? At the least, maybe I'll make the cut for the Guys Tell All audience. Those girls are up close and personal to the bachelors without all the on-camera action. Win-win.

I'm off the market & in the moment!

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