July 17, 2010

Day 349-Lady who Lunches to Potty Mouth

I had every intention of spending my Saturday in Connecticut with the girls, continuing the lady of leisure behavior we started the weekend with on Friday: an oh so fabulous lunch at Cafe Boulud with the likes of Barbara Walters. Ok, I failed to spot her myself and K failed to notify me of her presence at the next table in her well-intentioned effort to be classy.

But I had to change my rsvp when I got a last minute notice for a casting call for an NYU student production. Now you may be thinking this is small potatoes, but when you're trying to break in the biz, you do what you gotta do to take two steps forward. So instead of heading to Penn Station to catch an early train this morning, I ventured downtown to my old stomping grounds when I was a summer intern, 38 Cliff Street.

We were a small production for sure and while I thought I'd be another faceless body in a crowd-typical background work-we were thrown right in. Suddenly, I found myself and another girl being directed to yell insults at a fellow actor, the focus of our hatred. Talk about having to rally your inner bitch. I'm much more of a genteel, non-confrontational person (needless to say, we weren't casted for anything other than looks) so I had to dig deep, REALLY deep, to do the improv that would hold up against the Jersey girl who was yelling alongside me. My run-through was pitiful to say the least. Lydia totally beat me with her wealth of derogatory insults and profanity. I managed to rally for the take, or rather the third take, but definitely need to beef up my arsenal of bad words before my next job.

Regardless of the nondescript role and my mediocre performance as a girl who needs her mouth washed out with soap, I was grateful for the experience. It's unbelievable how much FUN it is to be around cameras, lighting, fellow actors-not to mention, actually be directed. It's one of the things I love about singlehood: really being able to focus on my passions and push myself to my personal limit. So if you were one of the semi-terrified tourists walking to Southstreet Seaport who caught our performance, you would have also caught me busting out of my ladylike comfort zone in a whole new way. But despite the potty mouth, I was in my prime. Look out Barbara Walters!

I'm off the market & in the moment!

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