July 11, 2010

Day 355-Samba for Singles

I have to admit, I've woken up the past two days feeling a bit blue. The cause? A mix of being too tired from partying into the wee hours, PMS (not even going to deny it), home sickness and missing my love life a bit. Not to mention, I'm finally starting to come down from the emotional high of the past ten days since starting the blog. One week down! On the one hand, I'm proud of myself. On the other hand, 52 to go??? A little daunting, to say the least...

But I did manage to tear myself away from "staring at the wall" yesterday for an afternoon happy hour at Sushi Samba. The weather was iffy, clouds threatening thunderstorms to come (probably reflecting my mood), but E and I met her group for what turned out to be the perfect cure for the blues: an afternoon of strawberry mojitos and sushi overlooking one of the busiest streets in the West Village. And did I mention, we didn't pay for ANYTHING? Ok, I was a little impatient in the beginning so ordered Samba Juice (a must-try if you ever go there) on my own tab. But soon as my drink hit the table, the pitchers arrived, and we held court there the rest of the afternoon as the ladies of the table (actually, we were called mademoiselles, which I found myself prefering despite my Southern roots).

Now, normally I'm not a girl who revels in the power of getting drinks bought from me. In fact, I always shy away from it as if I owed something in return. But yesterday's group of gentlemen (and they were in every sense of the word), have altered my way of thinking. Because this was just a genuinely nice, extremely generous group that enjoys having a good time and meeting new people. While this crowd easily crosses velvet ropes on a nightly basis, there were no pretentions and no requirements to be anyone but yourself. And despite being a little shy at times, I found myself in many great conversations throughout the day and truly enjoying myself out of my comfort zone. There was no evidence of the oh so cool girl from July 4th.

Odds are, I probably wouldn't have met these kids if I had been in a relationship. Though there's no rule over the door proclaiming singles only, this was a party that mainly consisted of singles. Exception was our oh so cute waiter/actor who had had several gigs on "As the World Turns." Unfortunately, he wore a ring on the all-important finger. SIGH...

After such a fabulous afternoon, I really had no excuse for waking up with another bout of the blues this morning but see first paragraph for a repeat of reasons why. (Though perhaps I was a little unsettled after a guy from highschool made a cameo in my dream last night, and then, I woke up to find a FB Friend request from him. WEIRD!) Normally, I would submerge myself in chick flicks until my mood improved-it is a lazy Sunday after all. But since I've sworn them off, have already watched Meet the Press and read all of my Vanity Fair articles (I'm more attuned to important issues/culture already!), heading out the door seems the most promising option. You never know what good time is around the corner in NYC as yesterday proved. Who needs a guy? Leave it up to my city, and she'll show you a good time.

I'm off the market & in the moment!

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  1. Thank you for a lovely retreat in to your (what sounds to be) fabulously single life! Can't wait to read more! (even though i seriously need to ban myself from all communications for the next 2 weeks) -- I'm looking forward to seeing your face very soon!