March 22, 2012

Change your jewelry as often as you change your shoes! Sponsored by

I don't know about you, but I've got spring fever! It's finally warming up (to the 70's!) in the city and with all the neon and floral brights around, I'm feeling inspired to ditch the majority of my closet and totally revamp my look for the season. I'm still digging through my clothes and sorting for the donation pile, but before embarking on a shopping binge, I've challenged myself to wear the things I have that are salvageable and can be re-invented with a little creativity. Which brings me to JEWELRY. Confession-I have a jewelry box full of fun stuff and despite having made multiple New Year's resolutions to actually wear these baubles (I adore the word baubles btw...), I stick to my every day studs and that's about it. Boring?!?! Yet, I'm finally learning how much a statement necklace or vintage cuff can punch up an outfit. As part of my new venture, I've hung my necklaces where I can see them and am proud to report that I've been wearing them proudly this past week and have even gotten compliments on the one I bought on a whim a year ago from Urban! With that part of my reorganization behind me, I'm super excited to learn about a new partner-in-crime to supplement my new look:, an online jewelry subscription service which allows its users to borrow luxury and fine diamonds on a monthly basis. Thank goodness for this fabulous site because with all the shopping I'll have to do after getting rid of my older clothes, there will be little funds left to invest in accessories.

Which works perfectly for me since personally, my biggest problem with shopping is commitment-unless I'm in LOVE with a piece, I tend to talk myself out of buying. Great for the wallet but hence the lack of a stylish wardrobe. However with, I can now constantly change jewelry-as often as I change shoes!-and still wear the fineest for less than a dollar a day. I always joke that I'm a star-in-training (half-joking at least!) and what better way to practice looking like an A-lister on the red carpet without totally busting my struggling actor budget! Plus, no buyer's remorse as I can play with the current trends without being eternally stuck with a piece I'm only feeling for an April afternoon. Even better...


Now I don't have to even think about the hidden costs of mailing things back & forth, a reason I still don't shop no initiation or cancellation fees. Excited yet?

So without further ado, here's how On the Market readers can get in on the action. invites you to win an exclusive jewelry giveaway. The prize is Blue and White Diamon Earring Paisleys set in Sterling Silver valued at $499.99. Click here to sign up!