November 3, 2011

Singles: Time to Get Rustic! (sponsored post)

As a single, I've learned to cook for one. Chili and casseroles-portion and freeze. PBJ? Check. Really desperate? Granola bar on the go. But as far as my favorites go, nothing beats ordering in a pizza and enjoying it solo. As in, eating all of it SOLO. Yes, in one sitting.

Ah...the single life.

Needless to say, I can't keep pizza around for that very reason. I have no self-control (surprise, surprise) and have been known to inhale a medium pizza myself and two days of calories with it. Which is why I'm so relieved to have recently learned about the great people over at American Flatbread and Rustic Crust Pizza. Natural and nutritious, this is crust you can trust. Catchy, huh?!

As I've said before, I'm no cook. But their products are easy, quick, delicious and convenient. The organic ready-made pizza crusts and pizza sauce are filled with flavors of parsley, basil and garlic and keep their flavor even without refrigeration and the ONLY ones of their kind that can be stored in the pantry for months, though you will want to gobble them up before then! I'm just relieved because they are available in individual-sized portions-so I can eat the whole thing without guilt in the morning! Also, they come in a gluten-free version for those of us who need it. How awesome is that? Just add your favorite toppings :-) Plus, there's such a fun element to making your own just the way you like it-and knowing exactly what the ingredients are.

Let's be honest. The cold is setting in here in the big city, and soon, we'll all be hibernating for the winter. Why wait for a delivery guy when in 7 minutes you can have your own wood fired oven (the only wood fired oven production the US, in fact!) already waiting for you at home. Go with their American Flatbreads-the cheese and herb is super yummy as I found out at our recent Single Edition Night Out. Trust me, I worked the room-aka had a ton of flatbread pizza! It hit my craving to a tee without leaving me bloated with sodium, an unfortunately side effect of other brands.

Here's the best news-single or not, you can enjoy these yummy creations for a quick dinner, afternoon snack or even stock them for go-to hors d'oeuvres for your other favorite ladies. Easy peezy!

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