July 20, 2010

Day 346-Too Bad I'm Off the Market

TV doesn't lie-there's no shortage of handsome men in New York City. It's a given that when walking down the street, hopping on the subway or heading to happy hour, you'll find several that meet your looks criteria, whatever your type may be. I usually sneak a glance, nod approval (in my head, of course) and keep moving because 1-I'm off the market and 2-we all know good looks does not a match make.

But today I met a guy for a lunch meeting that had potential in more than just the looks department. Let's just say he definitely made me re-consider my status.

Don't get me wrong. I'm devoted to the blog. And in truth, it's not like I was being pursued for a date, though under the terms of the mission, dates are allowed. This was business after all. However, I couldn't help but check off his attributes as I inhaled my salad (I never eat daintily, date or not). Despite the abundance of handsome males in the city limits, a handsome, smart (incredibly smart-he's a 25-year-old book editor), and genuinely nice guy is a rare find. I don't like to limit myself to categories of guys, but he was wearing boat shoes. That's about as close to my type as it can get.

Unfortunately, yet again, I didn't have time to brush my hair, apply lip gloss or any of the usual prepping before meeting him. Now granted, I didn't look as if I just woke up or anything drastic as that. I was just the regular me, without all the fixins'. The daily deal. Did I mention how nice he was???

I was tempted to email him and ask him out. Instead, I did the cowardly thing and still emailed, just with a weak "nice to meet you."

Ok-so I'm not there yet. I do have 345 days to go. But it's reassuring to meet someone who is more than a pretty face.

I'm off the market & in the moment!

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