July 15, 2010

Day 351-Luck be a Deli

Cheesy post title, I know. But I just couldn't resist a little play on words from the oh-so-perfect Guys & Dolls song "Luck be a Lady" because, well frankly, I'm a musical theatre whore, I'm already a lady, and my daily happening occurred in a deli. So there you go.

Anyway, apparently a lady can get quite lucky in a New York City deli. At approximately 12:30pm on a workday that is, when every young guy in tie and trousers goes to get his sandwich fix. Being that I'm prone to ordering at my desk and working through lunch, I'm always amazed when I finally venture out in the sun and catch a glimpse at the amount of cute guys that swarm the meat counter.

So there I was yesterday, drooling after the meatball sub that I only allow myself to have on occasion while I whipped my head left and right at the five hot guys surrounding me in line (and five is a lot-I mean they were ALL seriously good-looking). Meanwhile, I cursed myself for not having made more effort on my outfit that day or at least, I could have run a brush through my hair. A girl has to compete with the scariest versions of models and let's be real, plain ol' tall girls in NYC. My building is full of Burberry-bunnies, already sporting the fall lineup and while there were none in sight, a little heel would have been helpful. How else can a girl make "come hither" eye contact if you're not somewhat close to eye level?

Regardless of my so-so appearance, I was blindsided in the best way possible. Yet, the situation only got more promising when I caught another cute one heading out our building while I was heading in (Wait-COME BACK, I wanted to cry out. Which floor are you on!?!?). Apparently the universe just wanted to dangle all the good ones in front of me-another exited the elevator as I headed in. There went the guy you'd want to be caught in a confined space with. Instead, I depressingly settled for the woman following behind me.

So where did all of these eligible bachelors come from? I was determined to find out today. And even though I'm not eligible (and who knows if they were or not), you can bet I fluffed my hair and pinched my cheeks in true Scarlet O'Hara style before running out for a quick break. But no one told me that when the clock strikes 1:30pm, the twenty-somethings all turn into fifty-somethings.


Ok. So maybe my post about getting lucky was a little misleading-but hey, when you're off the good stuff for a year, there's nothing better than grabbing your midday meal with a side of eye candy! And if anyone ones to stalk Madison Avenue Deli with me tomorrow, I'll meet you on the corner of 49th Street at 12:25pm.

I'm off the market & in the moment!

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