August 2, 2010

Day 333-Eat, Pray, Spaaaaahhhh

I'm happily settled back in my hometown after a memorable weekend with friends. At home, it's so easy to hibernate, forget about the potential men I scouted in Charleston over the weekend (and there were a few!), and just not think about on or off the market-ness. Now's the moment to rest up, relax, and re-center before tackling the big, bad and amazing city again.

Home or not, I love a good day to rejuvenate. Most days, the couch and sitcoms have to suffice. Occasionally, I'll force myself into some quality relaxation with a leisurely bath (which you can see from last weekend's post, just isn't feeling so leisurely these days). But despite how adept you are at conconcting homegrown conditioners from egg yolks or turning your 650 square foot apartment into a zen place, nothing ever beats the "ahhhhhhh" moments from the spaaaaaahhh.

Ok, so I'm doing things a bit reverse based on the post title. First things first, and that means a spa day. I wish I could say that I treat myself to such pleasures often. That such trips were built into my monthly plan for taking care of myself just like eating healthy and exercising. Unfortunately, I tend to not eat so healthy and spend most of my extra funds on fabulous dinners out instead of booking regular appointments for myself. In fact, I've realized that I only fork over the $$$ when I'm post-breakup. It's the only thing that can break my mind from a good wallowing session.

Yes, that's out of whack! Take care of yourself only when you're hurting? That's like going to the dentist with multiple cavities but neglecting checkups the rest of the year. Or just shaving your legs when you're expecting some action. Kidding!That's a fabulous perk of singlehood.

So today's been my opportunity to indulge in a little R&R combo of a facial, manicure and pedicure. While it's obviously a relaxing experience, I forgot how great it is to just feel taken care of, no guy needed. It cleared my head of all those noxious memories hanging around-or maybe that was the abundant flavors of moisturizer leaving me pseudo-high? Regardless, I'm feeling very lalalala lovely at the moment. Hopefully, this is the first step to prioritizing my needs regardless of relationship status.

I may not be able to Eat, Pray, Love...but spaaaahhhh is an incredible substitute. Here's to being worth it.

I'm off the market & in the moment!


  1. Wait- aren't you on 333 now not 343? Girl you've had more days go by than you realize!

  2. yes!!! in all my consistency in blogging every day, I'm doing a horrible job at counting down! thanks for the catch! xoxo

  3. I love the blog, Liza! Hope you're doing well.