August 12, 2010

Day 324-YEAH Moments

I'm super late in posting today as I've been spending most of my time navigating my new page as a Betty Fan Blogger. I was just accepted as part of the community and am ecstatic that Off the Market & In the Moment will get a great platform from an established page. We're focusing on Eat, Pray, Love this week so be on the lookout for some fun reading material from all the wonderful bloggers!

So that was YEAH moment #1. #2? Hot yoga. Yeah, baby. That is one intense hour, and I survived class without totally keeling over onto someone else's mat which in my opinion, totally counts as having mastered it. I am buckets of water lighter and have to say, feel as if I cleansed out some bad feelings in the process. The magic of endorphins!

And then #3 was workin' K's daily challenge. Today's out of the box behavior? Making some sweet eye contact with fellas on the street rather than looking down/to the side/away like my norm. Now this may seem easy enough until you account that this is New York City, and the amount of people we pass on the street every day is staggering. And I did my best to not discriminate. I gave a dozen guys my best (silent) Joey Tribiani "how YOU doing?"

HILARIOUS to see the reactions. Some guys accepted the challenge and didn't look away while others were a little more wary (though take into account I was in gym clothes and was still profusely sweating post-class). Either way, quite the fun experiment.

Now, I'm feeling like queen of the mountain. Empowered and in the moment! And trust me, if hot yoga doesn't focus you in the present, nothing will. Here's to a good day.

I'm off the market & in the moment!

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  1. I've read your blog everyday. I've found it interesting everyday. But adding K's challenge... Just brought things up a notch and I'm excited to see where this heads! -Jennie