August 13, 2010

Day 323-Shopping for the Girls

All signs pointed to my challenge for the day. My "Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch" calendar proclaimed Friday "You Deserve Pretty Lingerie Day," dictating a shopping trip if you're not happy with your current selection (because I deserve it).

Selection? What is the selection you speak of? The only variation I have from t-shirts and comfy pants is a Gap Body cotton nightgown. I never found a guy who I kept around long enough and cared enough about to fork over the cash.

But how convenient? I had to stop by and grab a gift for a bride-to-be. So shopping trip it was.

First stop was Bra Smyth-yeah sounds kinda old ladyish but it has some BEAUTIFUL lingerie that I thought would be more resonable than La Perla and my style. In the words of Sex & the City's Charlotte, "call girl meets Park Avenue" style. Feminine and flirty but not cheap. However, after checking out price tags on said outfits which topped $250, I left empty-handed.

So I stopped at the old standard: Victoria's Secret. Grabbed a sweet, cream lace nightie set for Bachelorette #2 and tried on the same version myself, along with a few other numbers that I thought were totally un-Charlotte, un-me, but a must for this first time shopping trip. If you're gonna go, go all out. Unfortunately, while I was tempted to go all out and try on the bustier number that pretty much resembles the VS logo, pink on black stripe, I thought the outfit wouldn't be complete without the garters that of course, must be purchased separately. Next time....

Surprisingly, the cutsie stuff was "eh" while the teal cheetah? The girls were a fan, and you know who I mean.... While I'm normally trash-talkin' my body, I gave them two thumbs up for their efforts. I basically looked like

Isn't that impressive? Well, since you're not welcome in the dressing room, that's as much as you're gonna get. But since VS apparently only carries two sizes, none of which really fit me, I again walked away empty-handed.

But I'm not done yet. New York City is a big city, and I have stores yet to visit for Bachelorette #1's shower. I may be off the market for a year, but I have a drawer to fill with lace and silk. On the other hand, maybe I should actually invest in drawers first...

I'm off the market & in the moment!

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