August 26, 2010

Day 310-No Rings Attached

Off the Market, In the Moment, & On a Budget-my life as so eloquently put by Mrs. Southern on the Inside herself! Despite how depressing my new title sounds, it's just another fun challenge. How can one be both social and in the moment when the bank account is running low??

I did pretty well last night sticking to my two beer budget and still had an absolute blast watching The Junior League Band followed by Hymns, who is rumored to possibly become the next Kings of Leon. Check them out! You won't be disappointed. Lead singer of Hymns is pretty darn cute, too....

But the weekend presents a fresh new conundrum as there's so much to do, and I'm itchin' to be out, about and as social as possible. However, according to BettyConfidential's feature story for the day: No Rings Attached: Being Single Is So Hot Right Now! I should naturally the cool girl on the block, however small my funds. Why?

Because as the article explains, singlehood is officially IN!!! Yes, I'm en vogue. Let's sing it together now:

That song never gets old. I wish you could see me bouncing around to it right now. Or better yet, I wish I had a video of my guy friend G working the moves! Amazing...

Moving on! For all you other single ladies out there, a few more Betty pointers:

Try out these 3 single girl principles for starters:

1. Being Single Does Not Mean Being Alone
One glance at Madonna's boy toy roster is a racy reminder that choosing to remain single does not sentence you to a life as a lonely, old maid. Dating should be about fun and companionship, not trying to beat someone down the aisle. There are very few
Mr. Rights out there, but there is no deficit of Mr. Right Nows. If you haven't found the person that fulfills all of your heart’s desires, then don't settle. Date, enjoy his company, and tomorrow evening, call up somebody else. Companionship comes in many forms. Live your life to the fullest until you find someone truly deserving of your forever.

2. Nobody's Judging You For Being Single
I've heard so many women confess their paranoia about their friends gossiping about their inability to find or keep a man. Newsflash! They're really talking about how you've lowered your standards just to be with
someone, and how you truly deserve so much more. Marriage should not be a race to the altar, and women who have successful, happy marriages will tell you not to rush. Only unhappy wives would encourage you to hastily commit your life to someone without being 100% certain that he's "the one," and that's just because misery loves company. Don't worry about your girlfriends whispering about your single status. Live it, love it, and embrace it, because those who matter don't mind, and those who mind are jealous!

3- Whitney Houston Was Right
No, not about crack being wack (
although I'd have to imagine that she's probably right about that too!), but about loving yourself being the greatest love of all. As a single woman, you have the freedom and the flexibility to live your life without abandon. You are free to chase your dreams and create the life you love. You deserve all the happiness that the world has to offer you. Don't limit yourself because you're afraid to be by yourself. Love you first, and just asLife & Style reported Kim's belief that "One day, Mr. Right will turn up and everything will fall into place naturally," the same is true for you. Focus on building your own perfect life, even with no rings attached!

Kelly Beaty is the founder of, where singlelistas celebrate and love life...every SINGLE moment of it!

Wait, there's a SinglesSalon? Must check that out. And what's all this talk about self-love c/o Whitney Houston? Well, I didn't know she was the source, but I have been reading about it in a fun novel, HOW TO BE SINGLE. Look for the review this weekend!

I'm Off the Market, In the Moment, On a Budget but don't worry, BEING SINGLE IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW!

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