August 6, 2010

Day 330-Eat, Eat, Eat

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
-Virginia Woolf
I don't think I've been hungry since I touched down in South Carolina last Sunday. Eat, eat, eat has been my only task du jour. "I am a machine," were the very words in which I described myself after finishing lunch today with my brother and best friend, only hours after I had a barbeque sandwich and hash for breakfast out of actual fear I wouldn't get my bbq fix before jetting back North tomorrow. If you don't know what hash is, you probably should just try it for yourself one day. Googling only results definitions of a chemical sort...
During my eat, Pray, Spaaaaahhhhh vacation, I've heavily focused on culinary pleasures: down home country cookin', fried chicken 3x, fresh seafood, multple trips to Mexican, pizza (but, of course!), Thai, sushi, hamburgers, fries, fries, fries, gelato, ice cream (which is totally different) and reminds me that it's been enough time since I finished meal 6 of the day and now it's totally acceptable to raid the freezer for my peppermint ice cream finale.
Pardon me. Time for dessert!
If you've been within a few yards of me any time over the past few days, you've probably been privy to my chorus of mmmm's and other moans of pleasure. I'm definitely not discreet. All it takes is a list of specials for the evening to get me going. I just love food. I'm not one to discriminate with my love either. I pretty much welcome all types with the exception of mayonnaise and icing. I certainly haven't left any food group alone this week.
This vacation binge hasn't been without preparation. I've been working up to this bad boy for awhile now. While the past few months have been up and down emotionally, I have thoroughly enjoyed the moments of adding these ten pounds to my life. Ok, so this vacation was supposed to be about re-balancing but what the hell. I figure Elizabeth Gilbert gained 23 big ones while eating her way through Italy so I'm way ahead, even as the scale threatens to teeter toward a new number.
Unfortunately, the budget doesn't allow for the purchasing of new pants.
There've been many meals that have trumped many dates for sure, and it is a bit weird that I sometimes have a higher standard with my food than with the men I meet. But I believe the great George Bernard Shaw said it best, "There is no love sincerer than the love of food." Unfortunately, like all good love affairs, this one too must end when I board tomorrow. But for one more day...

I'm off the market & in the Mmmmmmoment!

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