November 5, 2010

Day 239-Oh What a Week!

Oh what a week! (singing Four Seasons in my head...) I've been on a constant high, my stars have been aligned, and life is buzzing. First off-when it rains, it pours men. Why is it that we go through a drought for months on end, and then suddenly the skies open up and we meet available nice guys left and right? Most of these are landing in the friend department which is fine by me as far as the blog goesl, but I'm still hopeful one of my younger guys will come through...I'm anxious to learn the ropes of casual dating. Thinking like a man. Loving just for the next five minutes. Drinks are pending-will keep you posted.

But in the mean time, I couldn't put life on hold so finally booked my ticket to London! I'll be spending New Year's Eve with two of my best friends and hopefully, some cute Brits. Traveling is one of my new priorities in life, and I cannot wait to visit the other side of the pond. Ring in the New Year in Paris? Oui, oui!

In other news, I got some background work (aka, I'm an extra) on the feature film MAN ON A LEDGE starring Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Ed Harris, and Edward Burns, among others. So for the next three weekends, I'll be portraying a garment district worker from 6am to sundown. There are hundreds of us so camera time is unlikely, but who cares?!?! It's all baby steps in the right direction and let's face it, I'd never thought I'd get that far along in the game.

To top it off, it's finally November! Birthday month to all of us lucky Scorpios (and a few Sagittarius folks). I'm told even years are "sexy years" so here's to 26 getting here soon! With it, only eight months left on the blog and still so much to do. When you measure your life in what you want to accomplish in a year, it's amazing how fast the time really goes by. And meanwhile, I had promised myself that if I was still thinking about "that guy" (you know, the one who started this whole thing) by my birthday, I was giving myself permission to reach out...thankfully, two more weeks until I have to cross that bridge and make a decision. But I'm starting to believe that no matter what, I need to be with someone who I don't have to convince to be with me, despite the spark factor. Such a hard truth to come to grips with.

Oh what a week indeed!

I'm Off the Market & in the Moment!

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