September 15, 2010

Day 290-Power Day

This was a power day which means I only have time for a power post. Prepare for brevity:

  • Woke up at 7:50am; snoozed until 7:55am. Breakfast & caffeine fix #1-Green tea.
  • Running late so took subway. Hot guy radar is on & ready but NO RESULTS.
  • Check voicemail, scan email, and caffeine fix #2-Diet Coke, only utilized in emergency situations
  • 10:45am Conference call with novelist. Diet Coke has yet kicked in so I managed to jumble "reciprocity" when trying to explain social media.
  • 11:45am Sprint two avenues and one block to Sirius XM to meet another novelist for interview. Manage bubbly yet power publicist demeanor while still casting sideways glances at National Hockey Players standing in elevator vestibule. Love the perks of the job!
  • 12:45pm Primp on the run to lunch at The Modern. Manage to slow down long enough to enjoy decadent bites of goat cheese salad, monkfish, and Caffeine #3 & 4-iced tea- and #5-cappucino.
  • 2:30pm Still starving (damn those small-albeit yummy-plates), check emails and fight the caffeine haze
  • 3:30pm Powerwalk ten blocks to client meeting #3
  • 5:30pm Bus it back (walking is overrated) to check email and inhale breakfast bar (oh how we fall from Danny Meyer amazingness back to FiberOne).
  • 6:30pm Rush to St. Bart's Players audition; calm down long enough to sing moderately well yet totally forgot to act.
  • 8:00pm Powerwalk across midtown to babysit. Swing by Subway and fight meatball urge and go for healthy turkey, with DORITOS. But baked version!
  • 8:30pm Discover parents have HBO on Demand! True Blood-season 3, episode 1
  • 9:30pm True Blood-episode 2. Wait for callback from audition.
  • 10:30pm True Blood-episode 3. Wait for callback from audition.
  • 11:30pm Give up on callback and chalk another audition up to "experience." Spend hard earned cash on $6 taxi from 55th street to Times Square where there are bodies on the street. Subway home.
  • MIDNIGHT Discover #2 cute guy heading in building at the same time!
  • 1:00am FINIS.

Must make a point to have more power days.

I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!

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