September 23, 2010

Day 282-Bigger Than the Blog

Believe it or not, some things in life are bigger than this blog. For instance, I'm proud to announce that my sister's baby was born yesterday! So yes, baby Charles though only 6 lbs., 8.8 ounces carries more weight than anything I can write about on this site. I can't wait to watch my sister and brother-in-law be parents, and of course, I'm plain ol' excited to get to know the little guy!

The other event is K and G's wedding this weekend. Festivities begin tonight with her first shower/dinner followed by the bridal luncheon tomorrow then rehearsal dinner followed by the big day on Saturday. It will be quite a whirlwind, but I'm so honored to be part of this celebration, especially since K was someone who I met three years ago when she wasn't sure she wanted to get married, let alone have a wedding. Yet, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their relationship change and grow over the years. This couple inspires me daily, and I am so proud to call them my very good friends.
I am already being sappy enough, but these two beginnings serve as important reminders to me of all that is really good in life. There are sure to be hard times on the road ahead, but these families are starting out with a whole lotta love to pave the way.
I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!

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