September 27, 2010

Day 278-To Sum It All Up

To sum it all up-K & G's wedding was perfect! The weather was gorgeous, the location ideal, and the ceremony simply sweet. Of course, I have a few favorite moments to share:

-Watching my beautiful friend walk down the aisle-such a precious moment!

-Laughing as the groom practically forgot his line-is it "Yes" or "I do"????

-Seeing a former flame with his gorgeous new girlfriend (and her beautiful Louboutins!) and not feeling jealous, despite my single status....

As I was thereby able to flirt with the many single (thank goodness) males, many of which are friends that I've had crushes on throughout the years. And I was overdue for some crushing!

-Tasting frozen mojitos for the first time-they're even yummier than the original.

-Being the first on the dance floor with two of my friends-after an awkward few minutes, the rest of the group took pity on us and got jiggy with it Will Smith-style. I'm pretty sure I busted out a Roger Rabbit at some point in the evening as well...

-Grooving with the groom for "Single Ladies"-he rocks it better than Beyonce herself!

-Trying (and failing again) to catch that darn bouquet. It pays to be tall in this contest but regardless of the outcome, I somehow still walked away with the bouquet at the end of the evening. That's got to count for something!

-Drinking the largest beer of my life at Jeremy's Ale House-it took two of my little hands to not spill this 32-ouncer. A career as a beer maiden is not in my future.

-Dinner at Artichoke pizza-a first time visit for me and a must-stop for future pizza cravings in the East Village.

-Ending the night with karaoke at Planet Rose and a rendition of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire with buddies A. and P. Had a blast, but my heart still belongs to Sing-Sing even though the bartenders at this bar despense free NYC condoms- since when are karaoke bars a hotspot for getting lucky?


-Being one of the last ones standing and still getting in bed by 10:30pm. And that, my friends, is priceless.

So now that wedding season has concluded, I can't help but feel a bit sad. There are no more bachelorettes, crazy Kozak moments, or let's face it, free dinners in my near future. So if any of you are wondering whether to pop the question, DO IT. I'm counting on you because 'til next year...

I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!

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