June 7, 2011

Day 24-What Inspires Me (Sponsored Post)

When I was in college, I was given the idea to make a list of 10 things that make you happy. Easy enough, right? Except that list couldn't include other people. The whole exercise was to find those little bits of motivation in your own life, without leaning on the people around you to provide for your happiness.

But what inspires me? Well, that's a different story that goes beyond buying flowers for myself.

As a single woman, particularly an Off the Market one, I think making time to discover and surround yourself with your own personal inspiration is invaluable--and integral to creating your own legendary life story. I've actually been meaning to create an inspiration board for awhile, based on my mid-twenties meltdown from a few weeks ago. Still, it's hard enough to live in the moment, let alone find extra moments to think about what really inspires me and makes me want to live a legendary life.

And I'm sure I'm not alone.

I'm lucky in that I have passions aplenty--so much so that I've spent the year prioritizing these passions as more than occasional activities. But when am I truly inspired? Well, this blog has forced me to sit down and actually figure it out. At first I thought of the beach, those moments of clarity I get when sitting by the water with the sun shining down. But that's not really the same as inspiration as being there is rather, my escape. Of course, writing and reading near the top of my list but again, I thought, those are my escapes....

But when I'm performing? Acting, dancing, singing, whether it's for myself or a crowd, simply lets me forget everything else in my life and be absolutely in the moment. It's my way to connect with my authentic self. My stress release yet at the same time, my high. My best outlet to be creative and push myself to the limits.

So there ya have it. I found my inspiration-do you have yours?

Thankfully, AOL is sponsoring a contest as part of their "Life is Legendary" campaign, an opportunity which makes the creation of my own inspiration board amazingly easy. The “Inspiration Board” is a custom destination that allows anyone to easily record all the things that represent her and what she aspires to become – it’s a forum to express one’s individuality that is sharable with friends on Facebook.

I strongly believe in the power of sending your dreams into the universe--with AOL's “Inspiration Board” is doesn't get any easier than visiting: http://www.jeeplegendarylife.aol.com/

AND, you'll be automatically entered to win a random sweepstake which includes a weekly $50 gift card drawing as well as a chance to win the Grand Prize,
a $4500 gift card.

I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!

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