May 26, 2011

Day 36-Comfort for the Single Gal's Soul (Sponsored Post)

One of my OTMITM goals this year was to amp up my skills in the kitchen. Well, a month to go, and I've yet to make the leap from culinary newbie to seasoned chef. Though I still plan to continue on this quest, there is thankfully a wonderful option to make sure this Off the Market gal doesn't starve--or permanently live a life of peanut butter and jelly.

Enter Soup Singles. This great brand offers delicious go-to meals in prepackaged packets designed specifically for single servings. And with all the gloomy rain days we've had in NYC lately, this is just the dose of feel good I love to keep on hand.

Plus, one of the biggest deterents to cooking for me is the time factor. I'm constantly on the run, and Soup Singles makes it easy to have a bowl of comfort at a moment's notice as I run out the door or crash on the couch after a fabulously long day. Plus, the extra time I find from NOT cooking can be spent enjoying a well-deserved glass of white!

Since I'm a foodie, I love challenging the taste buds with new eats and flavors and Soup Singles has 8 tasty ones to enjoy. Balsamic Tomato Rice & Vegetable anyone? AND, the soups are made with only the freshest ingredients but minus the sodium that saturates other brands. Normally, I can't eat soup regularly-I'm a bloater :-) But with Soup Singles, I can get the satisfying taste without the salt. The soups are also low cal so they are perfect for helping me get myself in prime swimsuit shape.

Even better? Soup Singles is also designed with the single gal's budget in mind. I can get 5 Soup Singles for just $5 at participating ShopRite stores, leaving me with more funds to spend on new dresses or spontaneous happy hours this summer. Goodbye expensive frozen meals!

Soup Singles has bought me the time I needed to master my skills. And should I have another person across the table, I can create a meal for two without the embarassing interuption of our apartment's fire alarm going off... or maybe I'll save this bowl of comfort for just myself. Thanks to Soup Singles, a little self love is never far away.

I'm Off the Market & In the Moment-and now quite hungry!

Check out their Facebook page for daily deals and more information.

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