April 15, 2011

Day 76-What Goes Down, MUST Come Up

So last time I wrote, I was having a pretty low point, flailing about in life, especially in the dating department. Since then, it's been a down and up kind of week. I ended my casual "whatever" when I realized we weren't on the same page. An old love suddenly popped back in my life, now in the form of a old friend (which was particularly welcomed, especially coming off of a "whatever" breakup that was nevertheless hurting from the day before). And I went on a legit coffee date. Ok, not sooo legit in that I paid for myself before the guy arrived in order to secure a table. Guy was nice, but right now, a guy needs to walk through hot coals to get my attention. But the week has shown me once again that you have absolutely no idea what the universe has in store and despite how down things are feeling, feelings are temporary. Meanwhile, I am DONE thinking about guys (despite the fact I spotted some cuties this week on our floor). I have way too much on my plate and now's the critical time to focus and stay focused...did you know women are more relationship-focused while men are more task-focused? Apparently, that's always been my problem so I'm tapping into their mindset and working on my own skillset and 401k. More acting, blogging, dancing and getting back to what I want out of this life.... Which is suddenly TBD. But I'm ok with that. My favorite line from You've Got Mail, one of my favorite go-to romantic comedies, is "there is the possibility of someone else." Well, I'm not looking for the possibility of someone else per se, but possibility, in general. And that's the best part of the unknown. What goes down must come up and vice-versa. And I'm now in the mood to get back in the moment and set myself up for some good possibilities. Plus, we're shooting a promo video this weekend for Single Edition which is exciting, my parents are in town to visit, and I just treated myself to a facial for getting my tax refund. Maybe I'll even take a break from thinking about the possibilties. This moment is feeling pretty good just as is. I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!

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