April 26, 2011

Day 65-Getting Back into the Game for Spring (sponsored post)

The sun is finally out. The temperature is steadily rising. Tulips of every color are blooming up and down Park Avenue. We've faced more than our fair share of April showers this month in Manhattan, but spring has finally sprung! The city dwellers have finally stopped hibernating and are venturing outdoors-what better way for this In the Moment gal to spend spring than by getting over her Off the Market winter fling with some fresh dating prospects. It's time to get back in the game!

Ok guys-before you go Groundhog Day on me and threaten to crawl back into your hole until my prowling calms down, remember this is all about casual dating fun!

Thankfully, I found a site that has great tips for helping to put the spring back into my step: HowAboutWe.com. Get this-they match singles up by what types of dates you want to go on!

Even better, they are sharing some great spring fling tips for how to get yourself out the house and into the arms of another single cutie pronto! To make life even easier, the site is even offering a special 33% discount on membership with their services (promo code: SpringFun).

5 Easy Tips for Successfully Landing a Date This Spring

1-Ladies, ASK GUYS OUT: Men and women are asking one another out at equal rates and in fact, ladies are at a slight advantage. Dates proposed by women get an average of 5.8 responses each, while men get 5.5. Who knew! I think this theory will be tested by me on the guy down the hall at work...stay tuned. They are away this week!

2-Be SPECIFIC: Dates that involved doing something, such as eating at a specific restaurant or doing a specific activity, are 40% more successful than an ambiguous date idea. As a single girl who has spent one too many "dates" staying in, please do yourself a favor and take this advice. Don't leave it up to your significant (or insignificant) other!

3-PLAN ahead: Wednesday is the best day to ask someone out on a date. The worst day to propose a date? SUNDAY. Good news because I don't know how I'll ask a guy out while simultaneously sitting on my couch in pj's...

4-Keep it SHORT: A date idea that gets communicated in the 120-140 characters is ideal, so keep it to the length of a Tweet. But let's clarify-don't rely on social media to get your point across. Phone or in-person always trumps other forms of communication. Just thought I'd slip that in as part of my anti-text campaign...

5-2-Part Dates have the MOST success: 60% of the most responded to dates are two-fold: a short, active part followed by a more intimate second location. Example: "How about we practice our slices at the driving range then get some slices at my favorite brick-over pizza joint- it's just a few blocks away." This reminds me-I've never been to Chelsea Piers to the driving range...or to the Bronx zoo...or the Central Park carousel, all of which would be PERFECT dates followed by my favorite food pizza.

So step away from the computer already and enjoy the weather. I know this OTMITM girl is going to do so!

I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!

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