March 24, 2011

Day 98-Under 100 Days to Go!

Thank goodness-less than 100 days to go. I have to admit that I'm getting a little weary lately trying to find the time for it all. I've cut back on blogging quite a bit, but don't think that means this project isn't constantly in my thoughts as I run to/from rehearsals, work, auditions and the like. And casual dating? Well, it's official. I stink at it, and I'm not going into it more than to say, I'm not a casual person. It's just not my style! But I'm trying... In all my newfound commuting time, I finished The Happiness Project yesterday and am pumped to positively report back as Gretchen Rubin decides to take the calendar year apart and focus on a particular element per month to increase overall happiness. I like her style-not "know it all" yet constantly thought-provoking. My favorite takeaways? "Love is all there is" and "Act the way you want to feel." All easier said than done, but again, I'm trying! While reading her book, I then realized that I had another Rubin title stuffed in my pseudo-closet (sadly, my apartment is too small for REAL closets), and so I've just begun POWER FAME MONEY SEX--which takes a strategic approach to these four topics. I'm finding myself having to switch gears for this other book, which preceded THP, as it's less focused on inner bliss and more on our superficial wants and needs. Yet, I still find myself strangely empowered-it's no secret to anyone having read this blog that I suffer from a lack of confidence at times (ok, lots of times...). So while THP made me more aware of the feelings and thoughts I'm projecting, all of which I'm now trying to keep more positive, PFMS is inspiring me to take care of myself in a different way, ie. project what you want, despite how you might be feeling. I'm not saying that power, fame, and money are necessary components to a happy life, but confidence and the ability to hold your head high is a precious trait which I'd like to have in my arsenal. So many of my relationship foibles have been a result of no confidence or thinking I was undeserving. I don't know how I acquired such, but not feeling like you're good enough can so easily lead to poor standards when dating and settling for less. I'm not sure POWER FAME MONEY SEX has the cure any more than The Happiness Project does, but I thank Rubin for making me think. A LOT. I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!

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