March 31, 2011

Day 91-Gotta Get Myself a GAGGLE

So these writers first caught my attention in last week's Time Out New York's entrepreneur feature, and now Simon & Schuster has just bought the rights to their book (a six figure deal, I might add for any of you looking for that motivation to get writing!). So I may be behind the curve, but I am loving WTF is Up With My Love Life! They had me with just the title of their website...these people get it! But, not only do these gals supply great original pieces, they also recognize the decline of old-school dating (if it even exists at all anymore...). Even better, they are reframing what could be a totally discouraging situation (AHHH!! no more dates?!?!?) into an empowering opportunity, a new "romantic order." Enter The Gaggle: a "select group of guys in your life who compel you to put in that little bit of effort because they are, or potentially could be, romantic prospects." For instance, The Ex-Boyfriend Who's Still Around, The Ego Booster, The Boyfriend Prospect, The Accessory, The Unavailable Guy, and The Guy Who Just Blew You Off, to name a few....all take roles in your love life, all the while letting you experience yet stay open-minded until you find the guy that's right for you. We've just been given permission to never worry about dating again. I LOVE IT. Time to get your gaggle on! I'm Off the Market & In the Moment

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