February 28, 2011

Day 122-In case you were wondering...

I got a show! FINALLY. Ok, so it hasn't been that many auditions, but I'm nevertheless greatful to have been cast in a local spring production of 42nd Street. It ain't Broadway, but it's a hop, skip and a tap step in the right direction.

So that is the reason for my long absence lately....I'm mentally tapped out! Frankly, I just don't know how I'm going to keep it all up: work, rehearsals, writing, dance classes, family and friends. Obviously, the blog has gotten stuck on the bottom of the list and for that, I'm SORRY! Strategy for next week is to draft posts on my HOUR LONG ride to rehearsal on the train. The rest of my body aches so I might as well have achy thumbs from the bberry, too!

But really-four months to go on OTMITM, and I'm seriously losing steam here...surprisingly not with the no relationships, personal growth stuff, but the writing. Who would have thought!

Meanwhile-this casual dating thing has certainly been a test. It's so hard to be in the moment and not get swept away into bad habits like overanalyzing and losing perspective. Thank goodness I have this blog in the background of my mind to hold me a little more accountable. And a special thanks to my friends who constantly remind me-wait, isn't that why you have the blog?!?!? Because I'm the first to admit that dating just makes me feel like a crazy person sometimes. And dating without strings attached, while fun and in the moment, has totally come with its freakouts.

What a journey it all is...

I'm Off the Market & In the Moment

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