December 7, 2010

Day 207-Bloggin' for Betty

As those of you who personally know me can testify, I normally like things busy, busy. I do enjoy my downtime, but I also get high on life when there's lots of places to go and interesting people to see.

On top of the usual business, I now have more things to write! That's right-you'll be catching my byline on here and there, and not just on the Blogger Fan page. So let me get a bit of bragging out of my system-this is my open ME forum, after all! As soon as I get enough breathing room to submit my paperwork, I'll be an official contributing blogger working with an official Betty editor-how fancy is that?!?! Now I just need to create another day of the week to devote to blogging, blogging, and more blogging because right now, my head is barely staying above water with everything that needs to be done.

Yet, I'm following the moment, however tired it makes me. My purpose when starting OTMITM was to re-focus my energy and be in the present (and who are we kidding, get over that guy). Yet, it just shows how little we know of the future. I certainly never thought that a broken heart could mature me, bring me back to writing and lead to all of these amazing opportunities.

So thanks to you guys for carrying me this far-knowing you are reading has been a comfort blanket for some rocky times, and I appreciate you letting me voice, well, everything! Now I just hope those of you out there reading who are feeling lost, broken-hearted or just having a tuna fish day will take heart. Things will get better. Better than you ever imagined.

I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!

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