December 30, 2010

Day 185-Off the Market, In the Moment LONDON

I spent the holidays down South with the family so when I saw the blizzard was going to hit both us and New York City, I knew my long-anticipated London plans were in trouble. Made it through the ice to the airport for my flight, had a plane, was told Laguardia would open by 4pm only to be canceled 10 minutes later. I know I wasn't the only one stranded and singing this tune, not by a LONG shot, but there seemed to be no way to get to NYC and London. I'm pretty sure I yelled a good Southern damnit coupled with a foot stomp to left off a bit of steam.

With hope totally lost while standing in the rebooking line, I received a text from my new friend, ironically the guy from Meet me Halfway, who wanted to rent a car and drive. Talk about being in the moment AND meeting halfway! An hour or so later, we had embarked on our journey up 1-95 which funnily enough, could also be thought of as also a 10 hour date. Life has such a sense of humor...

Long car ride, short story-great time, great guy, and not sure of anything more than that. Which I think I'm ok with for a change. I think??? It's so hard to resist 26 years of learned behavior with the opposite sex!

But more importantly, LONDON! I'm sitting in my friends' lovely flat as we speak, contemplating which type of tea I'll begin my morning with. Morning being noon as it's so foggy in London you're totally fooled into what time it actually is which has resulted in me sleeping the latest I have in my entire life. I could get used to this!

But seriously, London has been amazing, and everything I hoped for. I'm very tempted to move my OFTITM self here. Even though I love, love, love New York, there's something about Europe that has such a special feel. Plus, the shopping, great food, and history surrounding your every step.

Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guards, Westminister and Big Ben, eating curry at Char Bizarre (highly recommend this, btw), and tea in Queen Anne's gardens. This trip has been amazing and worth every bit of craziness it took to get here!
Simply put, I've never felt more in the moment in my life. And now, I must finish my Earl Grey before embarking on another brilliant day.
I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!

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