July 6, 2011

ON THE MARKET-and now freaked out

Ok guys-back ON the market again...time to re-design the blog AND my way of thinking.

So I've taken the plunge and just signed up for Match.com to take a gander and practice dating again.

And now I'm sufficiently freaked out! What happened to the days when you could just meet someone through your grandmother's neighbor's friend?!?!

But I'm doing this for your entertainment, blog-gotta have something to write about!

And so it begins....

But before that, I just wanted send a huge thanks to my incredible support network that has pulled me through the last year and all of its many ups and downs. Through the cards and words of encouragement, the opportunity to write and express myself, I am incredibly blessed to have such a rock solid foundation of family and friends. Off the Market love to you all!

Or rather, On the Market love. It's a new year after all!

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