August 5, 2011

From Booty Girl to Busy Girl

Confession: last Friday afternoon, I had a glass of wine at 4:30pm followed by 3/4 of a bottle, Dominos pizza, and wait for it-THE MOLTEN LAVA CHOCOLATE CAKE, which can totally compete with other 5 star desserts in the city... It was the perfect pairing to the heavy thunderstorm which flooded the city.

Floating high in my carb-infused wine cloud, I also kinda e-mailed a guy friend which I'm pretty sure came off as booty call...

Fortunately for me, he's a stand up guy who is "not looking for a relationship," which I already knew....and just "wants to be honest about that upfront" which I immensely respect. Well, I'm not husband hunting myself at the moment, but Friday I was hoping for some male attention to really get my mind off being TKTK blindsighted (plus I've crushed on this other guy for awhile). Thankfully, after a bit of (hopefully) witty and not so desperate (ha!) banter, I put myself to bed solo but still quite content. Distraction was had. Mission achieved with my self-respect somewhat still intact...

Knowing I'm a little wobbly when it comes to the opposite sex right now, I decided to take a different approach this week and focus my energies through a different avenue. I'm done with the booty call role for the present. First things first, my favorite mental inspirations:

-The Daily Love-I signed up for their daily newsletter months ago and am totally addicted. Fresh, inspiring takeaways every day to help keep life and love's ups and downs in a healthy perspective. Favorite reads this week include Don't Prove Your Worth, Own It and Still a Bridesmaid and Proud of It! AND you they even have an email where you can share whatever your heart desires (without having to unload on your BFF yet again!):

-The Classics-Yes, I mean good old-fashioned reading! When your mind is too busy to fall asleep, a great story is a must-have for quieting thoughts. I'm sifting through the books already on my shelves and found Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth. Jane Austen meets New York City. I'm sold!

-Gabrielle Bernstein-This NYC guru has some serious spunk and even more insight. In fact, her new book Spirit Junkie is coming in September and if interested, she's running some great early bird specials. I also love, love, love the recent feature article about her in the August issue of ELLE.

-WNYC-When you need to tune out negativity and re-focus, the radio comes to the rescue. Of course, I'm streaming via Internet these days. As much as I love re-playing Adele and Taylor Swift songs and singing at the top of my lungs, my wake-up call to Morning Edition has really helped the start of my day (which sometimes can be the hardest part if you're stewing over last night's dreams). Plus, I feel worldly and in the know, not to mention, it certainly puts life in perspective to hear about the debt crisis or how others are suffering from war and famine.

-Girls Guide to Paris-This site satisfys my inner Parisienne-enough said!

-Get back to your roots. Since I'm hundreds of miles from home, it can be hard to escape to the family couch for TLC so I found mental comfort in Garden & Gun's article on re-defining Southern women. Suddenly, I was revved up and empowered like all the Belles before me. The fact that this was sent to me by a co-worker only further lifted me up: ME? Where I was a weak, whimpering female a few days prior, blinded by the pain of the latest man who had DONE ME WRONG, I am now Scarlett O'Hara and frankly, Rhett now I don't give a damn!
(I WISH I had made up that line but it's from a New Yorker cartoon that hangs above my desk at work-and for good reason!)

While I pepper my thoughts with all this positive energy, I'm also re-vamping my apartment and closet so stay tuned!

I'm On the Market & In the Moment!

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