February 9, 2011

Day 141-Sometimes a Girl Just Needs to Read Her Own Blog

Sometimes a girl, especially an Off the Market one, just needs to read her own blog. It's been an up and down week, mainly due to some of my old insecurities floating to the surface. But I happened to notice on my feed that some reader had recently checked out an older post. I decided I needed to check it out, too.

I guess I'm starting to really realize that part of the value of having OTMITM in blog form is that it's ever-present online, and therefore, an ever-present a reminder of this journey. Even better is that when I need a little pick me up, there's nothing more enouraging than getting that upper from your own self.

So today, I re-visit...Day 322: Sometimes You Have to Stand Alone

I tried to copy it for everyone here, but the blog is not being cooperative today and won't let me paste....so check it out if you'd like, but the jist is that early on in the OTMITM year, I had the realization that feelings are temporary. Since then, I've unfortunately forgotten that incredible insight. But having re-read this post, I'm reminded that the feelings of loneliness that occasionally accompany a life sans relationships will soon pass. So will the uncertainty, and the occasional burst of negativity. Because let's face it. As fulfilling as it is to have love in your life from another human being, it's even more wonderful being able to find love and security from within. I admit that I'm not there yet, but Day 322 reminds me that I'm indeed capable.

I'm Off the Market & In the Moment!


  1. It's wonderful that you came to this realization. As human beings, I think we all crave love and the feelings associated with being in a secure relationship but it's important that we love ourselves, too. One of my friends once told me that to find happiness in a relationship, we must make peace with the woman within and I don't think truer words have ever been spoken.

    I love what you are doing here and wish you the best of luck as you continue your journey :)

  2. I love your friend's advice! Thanks so much for sharing this and for your wonderful support.